Re:"Gap-Toothed, Missing Link Troglodytes Delighted by Presidential Election Outcome"

Boy, I impress myself! I have to share my response to some bigotry of the left.

My new favorite radio talker is Laura Ingraham (heard here in Great Falls on NewsTalk1450, from 6-9am weekdays). I try to stop in to Laura's website every other day to catch her "need to know" features and quotes of note.

Recently, she posted a link to a Nov 19 cartoon, Sutton Impact, from the Village Voice. I was so moved by this blue-stater snit that I fired off the following email to the VV editor:

I feel better now

I encourage everyone out there to respond to or mock this kind of bigotry...it's so catharctic!


A call to blog

The First Amendment ain’t just for Dems & reprobates anymore...

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