President Bush ROCKS!

The President touched down in Great Falls on Thursday & I got to see him!! He's a ROCK STAR!

What an ordeal! But, considering so many (like hundreds) got stuck outside after waiting in line for an hour or more, I feel lucky I got in. The energy was awesome. Folks were listening. The Pres made many great points, explained the SSI plan in depth. And, talking to friends who couldn't get in, so many were just tickled to catch a glimpse of the motorcade, or enjoyed the comraderie as they waited & hoped.

Of course, there was a downside: Schweitzer's swaggering; the media honed in on those stuck outside who griped about being shut out; the pathetic dweebs at the entrance to the parking lot with their "Bush Lied" signs scrawled on cardboard; and the poor set-up by Four Seasons, which made it hard to see the stage--and could noone find some big-screen TVs to post outside the arena or in another building for the overflow??

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