To the 62% who think MPPI is a good idea:

I must say I’m impressed by Montana Public Power Inc’s attempts to take control of NorthWestern Energy’s transmission lines and poles. Despite the fact that this ‘corporation’ has no structure, no experience in power management, and no business plan beyond a leveraged buyout of NorthWestern, MPPI has managed to convince 62% of Montanans to support them.

Wow. That got me thinking: couldn’t the cost of healthcare in Montana be reduced the same way, through management by a ‘public corporation’? Never mind the fiscal fiascoes which plague Montana cities; cities must intervene in healthcare services in order to reduce costs. Besides, if they get this right, no one will remember the other screw-ups and boodoggles.

So I got together with a few friends and founded Montana Public Health, Inc. We all are really smart visionaries, and represent Montana cities, whether or not the citizens asked us to. If every major town in Montana would just pony up $100,000 per, I’m sure we could someday reduce healthcare costs for all Montanans eventually.

See, the plan is simple. According to the Great Falls Clinic, the cost of an hour in a doctor’s office is $184. MPHI proposes to buyout the Great Falls, Missoula, Helena, and Butte Clinic offices for 1/3 of their value, all the while decrying the clinics’ outrageous profits on the backs of working people.

If Great Falls, Missoula, Helena and Butte each fork over $100,000 in taxpayer monies, we’re sure we can finagle a buyout for just over $2 billion, to be financed by city government bonds. If the clinics balk, we’ll just need another $100K from each city to lobby the clinics’ Boards of Directors and smear them in the media.

The clinics may be resistant to the idea of MPHI taking over their buildings, especially after spending so much money on recent remodeling and construction, but Montanans understand it is far more important to have cheaper healthcare than it is to respect private markets and property rights. And MPHI assures investors that quality of service will remain unchanged. Trust us. We know what we’re doing. And we care.

Once MPHI takes control of the office space and office supplies, we can easily drop the cost to $20/hour. Or so. Depending on how much debt we have to finance. But the cities will take care of those bond issues, so we’re not too concerned.

We’ll keep staffing costs down by petitioning the Legislature to pass a law requiring doctors and nurses to provide services for the fee we want to pay. It’s only fair.

We’ve also proposed state legislation which will require all area residents to use our services first, before any hospital, specialist, or out of town healthcare provider, as well as remove MPHI clinics from DPHHS oversight. This is necessary to keep costs manageable, and, since Montanans support cheaper healthcare, they support these essential reforms.

Those of us on the board of MPHI guarantee we’re well-qualified to run a healthcare organization. We’ll all been to the doctor at one time or another. We’ve all been appalled at the cost of a bandage or saline IV drip. What’s more, as costs skyrocket, we’ve struggled to adjust our budgets to pay for basic doctor visits. It’s time for Montanans to take back the clinics from the greedy profiteers of the healthcare industry.

We’re pretty busy right now convincing Montanans that MPHI is the only way to guarantee lower healthcare costs, but once the buyout is complete, we’ll turn our attention to the task of company structure. We might ask the governor to appoint a board of directors to run MPHI, or maybe create an elected board to represent districts, or maybe tap each city’s most incompetent bureaucrats to form a governing board. Maybe all of the above, in fact. The more politicians and bureaucrats we can get involved, the more likely we’ll find at least one who knows something about running a healthcare organization.

MPHI: smarter than the healthcare professionals.


Really important invention

So the Trib produces yet another stellar feature story about our youth...

Call me overanalytical (go ahead! everybody else does!), but I find it revealing that the Trib chose to profile the winner of the Rube Goldberg Award.

From my admittedly jaundiced view, this report of local schools' participation in the 21st Montana Science Olympiad focuses on an entry that exemplifies Great Falls: the more useless & complicated the idea, the more exciting it is to the 'in' crowd.

I wonder what the other students produced? I certainly hope the toilet paper dispenser wasn't the best they had to offer...or maybe it was the only project that the reporter found inspiring?


Why we laugh at Democrats...

Disgruntled Dems Consider Challenge to Lieberman
"It's at the point where he's no longer interested in his own party's opinion, he's really out of touch with reality," said Mitchell Fuchs, chairman of the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee in Connecticut

Oh, he's serious!
Now which reality would that be? The Howard Dean reality? The Hilary reality? The Michael Moore reality? Psssst...I'll letcha in on a secret...the only ones out of touch with reality are blighters like Mr Fuchs. (I do wonder how he pronounces his last name)

And why, pray tell, would Joe Leiberman be more interested in his party's opinions than in the security of his country or the safety of our troops? Hmmm?

Oh, that's right! He's a Democrat, and, in the Democratic Party, partisanship always trumps the good of the country.

Bad Democrat! Good man! Go, Joe, go!

Welcome to the real world...

quote of the day:

"The bottom line is, I guess we get what we get."
~Bob Odermann, finance director for Great Falls schools

And it's still so much more than you deserve. Deal with it, Bob!

You know, the educrats whining grates all the more, since they refuse to tell us how much they need. Almost totally unaccountable for current funding, they use our tax dollars to sue us for 'enough for a quality education,' but can't (or won't) define educational standards of 'quality,' let alone give any specific dollar amount that could be considered by legislators and taxpayers.

One possible guide to what 'quality' may be, the No Child Left Behind Act, is actively campaigned against as unfunded and unreasonable. So the Dems demand funding for new buildings and equipment; the GOP tries to focus on results & accountability; and educrats insist on teacher health care and pension increases.

Fast fact: The budget for our local schools is over $62 million. Do you know where this money goes?

Just FYI, since the Trib is so loathe to inform us about the actual state school budget, here are a few more facts:
* The April 2005 funding bill,
HB2, authorizes over $702 million in 2005 & over $712m in 2006 for total school funding. (p.63)
* The base distribution to public schools (not including special programs) is over $432m in 2005; over $436m in 2006. (p.62)
* Almost $556m of this funding comes from the general fund in 2005; over $559m comes from general fund in 2006. (p.63)

So how much is the total funding after Kaiser Schweitzer's special session (& how much of that pension fund bailout is for the teacher pension shortfall)? And, if this still isn't enough money, how much is enough? Inquiring minds want to know.


Re: The Christian Conspiracy???

In the last few years, we've seen a steady campaign to erase Christmas from the holiday season. It seems we've reached the tipping point this Christmas season, as fed-up citizens file lawsuits against school districts and organize boycotts of retailers which have gone to ridiculous lengths to redefine Christmas.

Why, when 85% or more Americans believe in God, has this become an issue? Why do retailers cater to a minority that strives to be perpetually offended by anything remotely religious?

Why is Christmas being banished from schools, the media, the public square, even the marketplace? Perhaps because a disgruntled minority follows its own full-fledged religion, and, through tantrums and lawsuits, has managed to impose its un-merry religious views on the majority.

Rewritten Christmas carols, the banning of red or green clothing in schools, the "Holiday" lights, trees, & gifts...these are all absolutely silly, but the situation goes far beyond Christmas. From the ACLU's attacks on the Ten Commandments to workplace rules banning Christian symbols to public education refusing to teach about the Declaration of Independence because it references a Creator, religious expression has been under assault for years in our country. For heaven's sake, even the term "God" has been redefined to mean religion.

The push to banish religious faith from public life is not about "separation of church & state." Neither is it about freedom of expression, since this crusade endeavors to repress free expression of faith. It's about replacing the Judeo-Christian beliefs upon which this country was founded with an "enlightened" belief system, and establishing this distorted new liberalism as our state religion. Over the years, this belief system has been called many things, but I call it blighter liberalism.

For an understanding of the blighter liberalist's belief system, just talk to the average bureaucrat, tenured teacher, or community activist. On Electric City WeBlog, GeeGuy presents a fine analysis of a Tribune Letter to the Editor from one such local teacher & union activist Pat Rosenleaf.

I must admit, I LOL at Rosenleaf's martyrdom. Oh, she is sooo burdened with the responsibility of saving our children from the "Christian Conspiracy!"

Think about it. This woman teaches our children English. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

But her comments only bolster my argument that blighter (aka jihad) liberalism has been established as the USA's official religion. The fervor and tenacity of her beliefs rival those of any seriously religious person--and, worse, reveal a wholesale intolerance of (nay, hostility to) differing beliefs.

Folks like Rosenleaf regularly accuse others of ignorant prosyletizing, mostly to distract us from their own advancement of blighter doctrine. And they do advance doctrine--in schools, in government (at every level, especially the courts), in media, in Hollywood, even in churches.

Those of you over forty might remember that quaint line from the Declaration of Independence: "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Thanks to the hard work of our 'enlightened' blighters, these words have been redefined to mean: "quality of life, enlightenment, and guaranteed security." This is typical of the snobbish doctrine of the blighter. When plain meanings are replaced by lofty, abstract concepts, only the faithful can truly understand their value, dontcha know..

You don't see blighter liberalism as a religious doctrine? Think about the PC movement, Marxism, the enviornmentalist movement, the race-baiters & separatists, PETA and the vegetarian/vegan movements, the pro-abortion movement (which has evolved to include euthanasia), and so many more. Each group has a defined dogma, albeit often shifting and conflicting. But all have in common a belief that only they are the chosen ones, the elite and prescient heralds of a new world. And all insist that only ignorant, bigoted, homophobic, racist, hateful people would question the validity of their theologies.

Blighter liberalism tends toward extremist, inflexible fundamentalism. Often, blighter liberalists accuse the faithful (especially Christians) of blind faith, even while blighters compulsively latch on to any junk science study or statistic that reinforces their beliefs and ignore any evidence that doesn't.

Think about it:
Does it not take as much faith for the blighter to believe Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming, which is caused by a guy driving an SUV in California, as it does for a fundamentalist Christian to believe that Hurricane Katrina was God's wrath over homosexuality in New Orleans??

No, I'm not picking on fundamentalist Christians in this example--just offering a comparison. If that's what they believe, so be it; at least they aren't striving to undermine our economy and culture to validate their belief.

In fact, I'd argue that blighter theology has far more in common with the jihad Islamists, especially in its determination to, at minimum, marginalize, at most, destroy any theology which challenges its authority. It also relies heavily on manipulation of emotions, intolerance of truth, and oppression of free thought. And its proponents believe the only good government is one subordinate to this theology.

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of blighter liberalism is its infiltration of and influence on mainstream religions. This is stealth jihad--convincing the advanced societies of the West that their prosperity and freedom is immoral; the result of others' suffering; the cause of worldwide destruction.

Okay, enough for one day...but I'm not near done with this topic.
You have been warned


A spiritual paradox

Well, I had so much to post tonight, but I still suffer the aggravated eyeball, so I'll just note this musing:
I've discovered that loss of vision has clarified my vision.
The Blighter Path (c) has really come into focus for me...just gotta get past the physical challenges to hash it out as a book.

Also, in case you've missed it,
check out this new GOP ad. Many believe it's long overdue...but, hey, they had to wait until the Dem leadership went off the deep end to get these great quotes, didn't they? Ah, the Party of the People again reveal their longing for the halcyon days of Vietnam, when everybody knew Americans were just a bunch of losers desperately needing to be saved by enlightened liars like John Kerry. Their deep desire to lose this war is beyond pathological. Let the truth be revealed.


Pissing contest...

As mentioned in my previous post, I offered CCRCC meeting info on the GreaterFalls blog. The Dem, Jason, took umbrage and first posted a bit of a rant against Republicans, then followed up with another post:

"It is important that the Democrats and Republicans get along and establish a healthy work relationship. I consider myself a Conservative Democrat and have agreed with limited Republicans views in the past."

Note: I posted an abbreviated response to this, but didn't want to clog David's blog, so here is my full response:

Well, Jason, I don't know how you could possibly envision Dems & Reps getting along if you believe Republicans

"support free child labor, low pay for women, no rights for women, low wages for the middle class,destruction of the social security system, bankrupting company pension plans whileat the same time giving huge bonus to corrupt CEO’s responsible for shaftingemployees that make their companies wealthy. Other republican agendas support a strong government forcing prehistoric religious views on all Americans and a two class American system."

And principled people would find such accusations mighty insulting, ignorant, or plain irrational. That's the dilemma that's increasingly obvious to me--how does one get along with irrational people who want to run my life?

BTW, you failed to post anything specific that Democrats stand for; just the usual name-calling and vilifying of people you believe should strive to get along with you.

*scratch head*

Incidentally, Republicans believe in limited government, freedom of opportunity, free markets driven by individual choices. We believe families and communities are fully capable of taking care of themselves.

We see the truth is that the "crises" so often decried by liberals are exacerbated, or even caused by, government intervention in our lives. After 40+ years of the Democrats' liberal meddling and rejection of natural law, we see the resulting chaos in inner cities, compromised national security (remember 9-11, Bill Clinton's great legacy?), cultural degradation, blatant sedition, and the rise of blighter liberalism as our national religion.

We've read and understand the plain meaning of the Constitution, and are more than fed up with judges, activists, Congress, and media flagrantly rewriting this document so the rule of law is rendered meaningless.

We don't believe an elite group of politicians, academics, bureaucrats, and celebrities know what's best for our families or businesses. We don't believe in striving for "equality" because the result is widespread mediocrity and dependence, with inevitable disaster the result (see New Orleans).

Republicans prefer to help people one-on-one, in our schools, community charities, through thriving businesses. We are taxpayers and we are tired of paying for utopian ideas that have failed again and again, with no consequence to the politicians, bureaucrats and activists who pick our pockets relentlessly.

Sorry to be so pissy, but I've really lost patience with the hysterical rhetoric from the "Party of the People," whose defining characteristics appear to be 1) a smug assumption that people are too stupid to make their own choices, & 2) the embrace of an alternate reality that defies any form of logic or common sense.

Sure, the Republican Party has more than its share of soft-headed political hacks, but we strive mightily to prevent the full-blown psychotics from gaining national attention...unlike Democrats, who swoon before their dazzling "brilliance," describe them as "mavericks" who "speak truth to power" and buy into their delusions with a fervor not seen since the Bolshevik Revolution.

Back at it....

Been AWOL due to eye problems, but thought I'd check in with a few random thoughts:

All politics are local:
GreaterFalls posted info (from an email correspondent) about the County Dems' monthly meetings, so I considered it an invitation to post the info for County Republicans' meetings.

Traitor of the Month award:
Is Rep John Murtha (D-PA) on the Al Jazeera payroll? or looking for another medal...maybe from Daily Kos?
First it was "
immediate withdrawal;" then it was our soldiers are "broken, worn out"
And ain't it an amazing coincidence that, everytime John Murtha mouths off about immediate withdrawal, violence surges in Iraq and neighboring countries?

The ignored pollster:

The media & Democrat politicans can't connect the dots, but it sure seems the average American can. The pollster
Rasmussen is showing an increase in American belief that we're winning. (I'd give credit to the President's "America won't abandon Iraq" speech--& the efforts of alt media to get the news out.) Time to beat the war drums louder than the anti-war kooks beat their chests.

In that vein...
Get the news from Iraq (and pass it on! bet your friends would rather get this info than the umpteenth touchy-feely chain letter) :

The tyranny of the minority

Part 1:
I thought this
article from CNN was interesting, mainly because it reveals the Humor Deficit Disorder so common to those sensitive, compassionate folks who think their opinions trump everyone else's. Raspberries to the mall that caved in to the whiners, & kudos to the designer & visitors who appreciate that sometimes ya just gotta laugh to cope with disaster.

Part 2:
Atheist group wants memorial crosses removed

In case you missed it:

(or just rely on the MSM)
Economy Adds 215,000 New Jobs; Jobless Rate at 5%

TV tip
C-SPAN to Air Interview of Mary Mapes Conducted by MRC's Bozell
Saturday & Sunday - 12-3 & 12-4
RatherGate's fall guy--er, chick--Mary Mapes explains her dedication to truth & the destruction of the President. Ought to be quite the laugh-riot. Get out the nerf-balls & popcorn & tune in for this blast of deluded pomposity...

stay tuned for some thoughts on Canadian shenanigans; MSM sanctimony over military "propaganda;" Indians, Abramoff and assorted Congressional characters; and updates of the continuing MPPI assault on NWC..

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