Golf Solutions

Been so busy scribbling that I haven't had the energy to gripe and snipe (God, I love writing!), except on Ecityblog & mtpolitics. Ecity's really the place to go for witty analysis and reasoned argument in this town.*
Check out Commissioner Joe Briggs's response to the MAFB 'crash zone' issue. You'll sure realize how half-assed the Trib has become.

But I digress.
A couple of recent LtoE's in the Trib struck me as wonderful, common sense solutions...which will be diligently ignored by the powers that be in this town--government, activists, the Mountain View crowd.

The latest: Trib, pA6, Feb.22.06 - Ted Boice's "Golf Volunteers"
Ted suggests getting rid of those expensive course maintenance workers & offering free play to volunteers in exchange for maintenance services.
There ya go, Ted, thinking outside the box.

He concludes, "I cannot think of one reason why this isn't a win-win situation for the city"
Well, I'm betting that 2/3 of the Trib's readers had already started their mental lists of 'why it won't work' by the time they hit that last line. I resisted the blighted thought, but it, alas, did hit me:
The City's not much interested in a win-win solution. Unless it involves more stuff to control, or at least, studies and consultants, they will laugh heartily and fart in your general direction. Well, maybe not the last part...

But I love the idea and send kudos to Mr Boice! And the market for workers might be there. Recently the media have done wee features & opinions on the retiring boomers--and their expectation to be 'paid volunteers' (boomers live oxymorons).

A little barter of this sort would benefit the whole community. Their efforts would improve the courses, reduce costs, and do the golfers a world of good. Maintenance work is healthy, creative exercise--good for mind, body & soul.

*not paid for or solicited by Ecityblog or its subsidiaries. Gee just ROCKS.

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