Days like this

It's been one of them days...I've been so busy on the book that I've neglected my inner smart-ass, so here I am to see if I can toss some firecrackers...

I'm about fed up with the Trib's obsession with Abramoff. If only they'd spend even half that energy on the lobbyists/activists who are setting policy for Great Falls & for Montana!

Montana Advocacy Program: They have decreed the true meaning of the Help Amercians Vote Act, and we mere mortals, who object that nothing in the Act indicates this is true, are dismissed and ignored. Raylynn Lauderdale pulls the strings and the counties dance.

Teachers' Union: Think Eric Feaver. An example from the rat-faced one, from back in Dec 2004:
After Senator Thomas, departing majority leader, suggested that the state could increase teacher salaries (without budget increases or cuts) by eliminating 1,700 teachers and realigning school districts, Eric Feaver, president of the MEA-MFT teachers union, commented, "Thank goodness we have term limits. He can go bury his head down in the Bitterroot for a few years and stay out of our business." [emphasis added]

Both of these taxpayer-funded lobbyists are part of a shadow government; unelected, unaccountable, yet wielding an inordinate amount of influence over the writing of legislation.

Then there's the 'community activist,' who either focuses on preventing economic growth or agitates for more government control over our lives.

Walgreen's: I've always liked Phil Faccenda, but he's revealed himself a true blighter, floating into my neighborhood in his bubble and dictating policy. Nothing makes me madder than meddlers in my 'hood, self-righteously interfering with progress (with some of the lamest excuses I've ever heard). Yes, now it's my turn to shout NIMBY!

Montana Public Power, Inc: Be afraid. This bright idea, conceived by Randy Gray and his little egghead buddies, and nurtured through incompetent and biased reporting from the Trib, could become a reality. Taxpayers supporting this hostile takeover of power transmission lines need to ask themselves the following:
Who exactly is funding MPPI? (you!)
Who will supply the power to MPPI? (the very same companies which supply NorthWestern, at the very same prices)
Who will pay for the new layers of bureaucracy, cost overruns and union salaries? (you!)
Since when has government control of any enterprise resulted in lower costs of anything? (ummmmmm.....)

Abramoff's influence pales in comparison to the influence of the do-gooder bureaucracies and wretched visionaries that infest this state.


They walk among us...

I get a chuckle (and some serious inspiration) most days from Letters to the Editor.
For instance, the Trib published a letter from Rick Cottingham of Helena on Feb-25-06, bemoaning the eeeevil Bush.

First off, a quick google reveals that Mr Cottingham works for Montana DEQ, apparently in water. And Mr Cottingham's "This Isn't Montana" was published in Helena's Independent Record on 2-12-06 (second to last letter).

At least the party hack is honest. Before he began the regurgitation of stale Democrat smears of the President, he added the caveat:
"If it's true..."
Hmmm. So he's admitting he doesn't know if the slander he's about to repeat is true, but that doesn't mean he hasn't formed an opinion, by gosh.

Rick began this stellar exercise in propaganda with:
"Raised in Montana for half a century, I would have never guessed we'd elect an administration which cared little of global peace, the United Nations, or growing environmental issues."

Yo, Rick! The Bush administration has been too busy protecting your sorry ass from the next terrorist attack, as well as attempting to put money back in taxpayer's pockets. You probably don't notice how these concepts conflict with your one-world suicidal tendencies.

If Rick is fretting about global peace, the last institution to put his faith in would be the UN. Ya gotta be mighty uninformed to have missed the incompetence, corruption, and hypocrisy that stink up the hallowed halls of the UN like a rotting corpse in the wall.

The UN could be declared a mental institution and locked down and no one would be shocked, including the inmates...though I'm sure a cadre of academics and activists would throw fits.

Rick does inadvertently get it right in the last three lines:
"This is your freedom, and it's at stake.
Voice your concerns today. Let's take America back!"
(though he forgot the most important point: "Get informed!" Otherwise you'll be writing emotionally overwrought LtoEs, revealing your lazy intellect and reality problems.)
But I do laud Rick for at least being honest about his ignorance. Too bad he doesn't do some research before he spouts off. Oh, wait. That would interfere with his reality....

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