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Letter to W

Oops. A whole month got away from me. I've got good excuses--I do! An online auction to build, spring cleaning, gardening, a family reunion...well, anyway, in late April, I posted some thoughts on the Real Energy Crisis (aka illegal immigration) on my other blog. The maddening 'debate' that's continued for, lo, these many months finally spurred me to throw a comment at the White House. Sometimes ya just gotta get it out.

So here, for your entertainment, is my two cents on the immigration issue:
Mr President, Mr Vice-President, and all others concerned with national security and immigration policy and enforcement:

I know you all have difficult jobs and difficult choices to make. I follow politics fairly closely and consider even your controversial positions part of a Divine order that reveals the truth about this country, about our government, and about your near-lunatic detractors. But the zeal you all have for the latest immigration amnesty bill is confounding and frustrating.

I know, I know..."it's not amnesty." Tell that to the folks massing south of the border, awaiting their cue to cross. Of the many flaws in the plan you've proposed (and which has been so nicely regurgitated from 1986 and repackaged by McCain & Kennedy), the biggest is the assumption that folks who have been breaking the law for years will suddenly decide to suck it up, take their lumps, and become US citizens the hard way. Is this naivete? Wholesale ignorance of human behavior? Or surrender to the rejection of Rule of Law by our courts and Congress?

I am a second generation American. My grandparents emigrated from Austria, Ireland, and Wales, with sponsorship from relatives and employers. They learned English, worked hard for low wages, paid taxes, studied our Constitution and US history, and took the oath of citizenship to become Americans. They did not sneak across the border, drop a baby at the nearest ER and sign up for welfare benefits. Despite your platitudes, this is the reality that we see in the border states.

Civilization can only exist when people agree to abide by a contract of conduct; in the US, the Constitution and Rule of Law traditionally served this purpose. Twenty years of court, Congressional, and bureaucratic manipulations have mangled this contract almost beyond recognition. In the case of immigration, political posturing has combined with inconsistent and capricious enforcement of law to undercut our common language and culture--and to force law-abiding citizens to subsidize lawbreakers.

Once again the issue has hit flashpoint, yet the only 'solution' you politicians can embrace requires further betrayal of our civilization and its citizens--oh, and another bureaucracy to mismange. If we can't track legal immigrants now, how in tarnation will we track the few million who decide to become legal guests, or even citizens? And what will we do about the other millions who aren't so motivated? Or the counties and municipalities who currently thumb their noses at any immigration enforcement? Or the courts who hand out rights to illegal interlopers whenever they are able?

Secure our borders first, then concentrate on true reforms. One thing that's become crystal clear in the last few months is that our immigration system is irretrievably broken and our civilization teeters as a result. Immigration reform needs to start with meeting the needs of those seeking to emigrate legally and cutting off taxpayer support of illegal workers and their employers. Reform should also include notice served to Mexico and China that the USA is not an outpost of their empires, nor a dumping ground for their low-skilled workers. Anything less displays utter contempt for legal immigrants and citizens, as well as for our laws.

Thank you for listening,

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