A solution...

...to the ACLU's suit to stop the Dawson execution.
In case you missed it, two years ago, convicted killer
David Dawson asked to end the appeals process and let the state carry out its appointed duty. Recently, he rejected his defense lawyers as insane when they refused to abide by his decision. The Montana Supreme Court has agreed with him, but, like Freddy Krueger, these lawyers keep coming back to haunt Dawson, determined to 'save' him from himself.

Now the ACLU jumps in, declaring lethal injection "too painful" a way to dispatch a man who strangled a family in cold blood. This "cruel & unusual punishment" can't be allowed, say the
crusaders against the civil rights of Americans!

Now, actually I appreciate Mr Dawson's acceptance of the sentence; it indicates, on some level, he's accepted responsibility for his heinous crime. This realigns energy and begins healing--justice is served.

Mr Dawson has struck a blow for our rule of law, not to mention common sense. Even better, he's bringing out the truth about lawyers who toil on the death row beat.

[Funny, isn't it, how the media have never asked the lawyers what's in it for them--like who pays the fees wracked up by the righteous Hooks & Ross? Perhaps it's...hmmm, I don't know...the taxpayers? Then again, maybe leftists and other cross-eyed elitists donate the funds. We simply don't know, because the media can't find the time/newsprint to actually inform us.]

Anyway, I don't wish Mr Dawson ill, because, despite living nearly twenty years longer than his victims
(...um...who were they again?), he's now behaving honorably. But I think the ACLU's qualms over the barbaric lethal injection could be quickly dispelled by switching to a new method of execution in Montana: feeding tube withdrawal.

After all, according to a judge (bow reverently toward the east when you read that), as well as death activists, the MSM & their cherry-picked 'experts,' removal of a feeding tube is painless and most humane. All we need to do is install a feeding tube in Mr Dawson as his only means of nourishment & water, then remove it and allow him to die peacefully.

How could any 'civil rights' activist oppose a peaceful end for a brutal killer? They could gather round dying Dawson and sing Kumbaya, get oodles of face time on TV, maybe even get interviews with Larry King and Matt Lauer.

Hey, some sharp producer could turn the spectacle into a reality series and rake in advertising dollars--to compensate the victims' family, of course. Although the lingering might be hard to watch for some, I'm sure plenty would tune in for a ghoulish peek--if nothing else, to assure themselves that the murderer dies peacefully.

Plus, this new method of execution would serve scientific purposes: we could tell those pesky right-to-lifers to get a grip, since we'd have positive proof that Terri Schindler didn't suffer. Heck, American viewers may become convinced that starvation is the way to go, and feeding tube removal could become the hot new trend at hospices everywhere....ah, the blighters' wet dream...

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