Bemused like me...

...I pant breathlessly as I run by...
Know the adoring legions
(okay, maybe just La Mayor...& she's probably ill-impressed by my tendentious wit),
and maybe David, who keeps track of us Griffles' bloggers & area events
(dude. seriously. thanks for caring)
have, no doubt, missed me.
Well, don't blink.
You might miss me again.

Progress on The Book (Cable7 @ 7). Gawd, I love talking to myself!
Just hope it transcribes better.

Major upheavals in the workplace. Ever had a job that overstayed its welcome?
Having Census2000 flashbacks here.
If it weren't for the most amazing coworkers in the world, I would be highly irritated by now.
> wait. I am highly irritated
*sigh* it's been a good run.

The truth shall be revealed!
blighters, blighter, blighters, more blighters.
Jon Tester,
endorsed by Daily Kos, as cited by the Trib!
(citation mysteriously disappeared from the
Gazette version)
Kossacks on a roll--they've won one primary & world domination is just ahead!
I LUV the Bubble Boy and his twittering minions. not.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.
or you're a blighted liberal.
I'll say a prayer for you.

Hope you're playing this summer

Good to hear from you FINALLY! I enjoyed your semi-humourous, semi-serious, quite poetic entry today!
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