Bomb 'em all

Have you noticed that Democrats huff about national security, and wax indignant that those who denounce their treasonous remarks, speeches, interviews are questioning their 'patriotism?' Yet what, exactly, have they done to promote national security in the last 5 years?

The Patriot Act? No...they made that all about you (paranoia rocks!). Reid crowed over 'killing' the Act. The ACLU has waged a massive misinformation campaign. And the media continues to issue dire warnings that the rights of some citizen, someday could be violated.

NSA surveillance? No...anything that's the Constitutional responsibility of the President has been magically transferred to courts. I wonder if anybody in Democrat circles has any aquaintance with the actual words of the Constitution--or anybody in the drive-by media, for that matter. Naw, they just make it up as they go along...

Tracking terrorist financing? Hell, no! That's just nosey! Besides, they were coming dangerously close to fingering the source of most of Hillary's campaign funds....

Profiling of mass-transportation passengers? Why that would suggest racism! And the islamofascists would like us even less if we acted like we suspected them of wanting to kill us. Besides, annoying middle-class white folks strikes a blow for the oppressed minorities and soothes the savage bureaucrat's heart.

Club G'itmo/Abu Ghraib? Horrific! Humiliating! Democrats and their media enablers use the same tactics used on Conrad Burns: ad nauseum outrage over (their own) innuendo, accusations, and propaganda. Only blighted Democrats (and their RINO cohorts) could advance the notion that panties-on-the-head is heinous, while the slaughtering of Americans by facists is just George Bush's fault.

Haditha, et al? Never mind the truth--the Dems need a Mai Lai--somewhere, anywhere. Maybe those Hezbollah stringers could help. Dems seem to have no compunction about throwing 'innocent until proven guilty' out the window when it involves a military man accused by a terrorist. Due process apparently exists only for homicidal islamofascists.

Close the borders? Oh, no! That would be unfair to lawbreakers who aspire to vote Democrat. Or might indicate we're a sovereign nation with a right to defend itself from enemies foreign and domestic. Or, horrors!, assert that Rule of Law actually means something in this country anymore

Nope, I'd say the Democrats and media enablers show great dedication to losing this war:
They've worked tirelessly to hinder the most common-sense (and Constitutional) ways of fighting the enemy.
They've consistently championed the rights of terrorists to plot unmolested.
They've purposely maligned our troops and undermined national security programs.
They've focused their rage on Bush, while constantly excusing islamofacists, especially within our own country (see nearest wahabi mosque).

Now there's a resume for a patriot!

ps. wondering why this is titled 'Bomb 'em all?' Well, I'll tell ya anyway...I hope this pops up in an internet surveillance program, just so those guys know this is one American who believes SURVEILLANCE ROCKS! Thank you to the folks who toil in backrooms in search of threats! Godspeed.

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