A blow for common sense

Is there something in the air? From lowly bloggers like Matt & Wulfie to the near-hallowed halls of Congress, the Democrats are cracking up like tweakers coming to the end of a four-day run.
Can't you see it? It's that haunted look, that blithering rage, that reality slip't from his clawing grasp...they see conspiracies everywhere!
Let's compare! From:
Senate OKs Terror Detainee Bill
So sayeth the Lion in Winter hisself:

"There is no question that the rush to pass this bill — which is the product of secret negotiations with the White House — is about serving a political agenda," said Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.

Good news is that, just when I thought the Republicans were comatose, incapable of resisting Dems and RINOs determined to attain the presidency on America's ashes, along comes blunt, straight talk from--dare I say?--a clear-headed statesman:

"We are not conducting a law enforcement operation against a check-writing scam or trying to foil a bank heist," said Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. "We are at war against extremists who want to kill our citizens."

Yay, Mitch!
And yay,
FoxNews! for giving us a report that quotes both sides.
Gee, what a concept.

Contrary to popular Democrat dogma, Americans aren't stupid. Their sense of justice is firmly grounded in survival, not hallucinations of world peace through suicide. They recognize the tweakers, they know how to email & phone, and they are inspired to reach out & touch their Congressmen.

Yay, People Paying Attention!

For those of you in Missoula, this is real people power! The citizens spoke through their elected representatives yet again. Now that must really stick in your craw...


Just obscene

From WA Times, 9-15:
Four Republicans defy Bush over detainees

so, according to John Warner, the truth is that the Supreme Court is in charge of this nation?

But most Senate Republicans, including the rest of the committee's members, support the administration's view that Mr. Warner's bill would limit intelligence gathering and expose classified information to terrorists. They have vowed to fight it out on the Senate floor.
Mr. Warner said he crafted the measure carefully to meet the concerns of the Supreme Court. The high court earlier this year struck down Mr. Bush's current setup for trying detainees held at the U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
"It would be a very serious blow to the credibility of the United States ... if legislation passed by the Congress and signed by the president failed to meet a second Supreme Court review," Mr. Warner said yesterday.

McCain & Warner both wring their hand over "what would other people think!" while the rest of us just hope to survive the next jihad attack--whether from islamofascists or from liberal/left Democrats.


Behold the Empty Suit: Jon Tester!

Have Democrats gone bananas? Or does the Tribune, perennial liberal shill, simply edit to maintain the illusion? Might be hard to say at the national level (since national AP stories are initiated by the New York Times or, as some suspect, the Democratic National Committee's DC office), but it's obvious as a Howard Dean howl at the local level.

Take Montana's US Senate race. Please.
The media bias has been blatant and self-righteous, with nary a pretense of objectivity. While Tester remains to be pressed for any details of his plans beyond "I'm gonna clean up that town," Conrad Burns can't win for losing.

Heck, a suspicious man might think the Dems have an entire staff assigned to promoting stalker video footage and re-editing Burns' press releases to exclude facts. The only reason we hear anything at all about Burns' accomplishments is because the media need some reason to mention Abramoff.

Now, I'm no longer surprised by these tactics, but I am dismayed that so many Montanans appear to buy the BS. You'd think Dems would be delighted that Burns brings home the bacon (which, incidentally, doesn't sit well with us free-market types), especially since so many squat in taxpayer-endowed careers. Instead, they throw fits on cue, a pack of Pavlov's canines conditioned to emotionally react to certain words.

Lately, when I read the Letters to the Editor, browse the blogs, or even peruse the day's headlines, I notice that the authors always seem on the verge of angry tears over some rancid propaganda that a little research easily nullifies. I don't care how rational a die-hard liberal appears to be, just mention 'firefighters and Burns,' and conniptions are sure to follow.

How do people get so uninformed? Well, partly as a result of the incompetent reporting of media enablers, and partly because liberals lack the intellectual and spiritual fortitude to face facts. But mostly because hyper-emotion over Burns' perceived transgressions relieves them from defining the Empty Suit.

Since liberals tend to be self-focused, the less they know about Jon Tester, the better. This allows him to reflect their own attitudes and beliefs; to be whomever they want him to be. As long as they continue to vilify Burns, they don't have to ask themselves the obvious question: Does Jon Tester want to lose this war as badly as do the national Dems?

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