A blow for common sense

Is there something in the air? From lowly bloggers like Matt & Wulfie to the near-hallowed halls of Congress, the Democrats are cracking up like tweakers coming to the end of a four-day run.
Can't you see it? It's that haunted look, that blithering rage, that reality slip't from his clawing grasp...they see conspiracies everywhere!
Let's compare! From:
Senate OKs Terror Detainee Bill
So sayeth the Lion in Winter hisself:

"There is no question that the rush to pass this bill — which is the product of secret negotiations with the White House — is about serving a political agenda," said Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.

Good news is that, just when I thought the Republicans were comatose, incapable of resisting Dems and RINOs determined to attain the presidency on America's ashes, along comes blunt, straight talk from--dare I say?--a clear-headed statesman:

"We are not conducting a law enforcement operation against a check-writing scam or trying to foil a bank heist," said Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. "We are at war against extremists who want to kill our citizens."

Yay, Mitch!
And yay,
FoxNews! for giving us a report that quotes both sides.
Gee, what a concept.

Contrary to popular Democrat dogma, Americans aren't stupid. Their sense of justice is firmly grounded in survival, not hallucinations of world peace through suicide. They recognize the tweakers, they know how to email & phone, and they are inspired to reach out & touch their Congressmen.

Yay, People Paying Attention!

For those of you in Missoula, this is real people power! The citizens spoke through their elected representatives yet again. Now that must really stick in your craw...

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